Gardening Tools

  • A garden tool is a tool that at work in gardens and parks is used. The devices can be in equipment for tillage , the sowing and plant, to mow the lawn or meadow, to cut, to distinguish fruit cracking or for casting and spraying. Here again is between devices with and without engine to differentiate. For garden tools with engine we speak of garden art. ¬†It is a home appliance¬†authority designed to be used in outdoors settings

    Types of Gardening Equipment

    The standard equipment commonly includes spade , shovel , digging fork , hoe , (of subjects) rake , wheelbarrow , garden shears , watering can and small tools such as trowel or dibble . Often equipment for soil tilling are Dreizinkgrubber , Sauzahn or trident used. Depending on your needs, so the garden type, are also lawn mower and grass shear , garden broom , pruning shears (also: Pruning Shears), pruning saw , ax and ladder and for watering hose , sprinkler and coating aids and support pegs and binder material needed.

    If cutting hedges or book exist, one is Heckenschere necessary; by Rosen special Rosenschere sense. A garden Hippe (jackknife) is convenient, for example, for lifting the bark during the grafting and to cut cuttings . A Garden Composting (Compost) can facilitate the composting of garden and kitchen waste to valuable (humus) soil.

    Additional garden equipment often used are scarifier for removing moss and grass mulch from the grass and shredder (also: shredders) for shredding of woody garden waste for easier composting or for the purpose of use as a mulch material , sometimes leaf vacuum and water-jet high pressure cleaners .

    Lawn aerators , which are spiked rollers (for aeration ) for aerating the lawn and grass brushes are rarely used. Likewise Lawn Edgers, Unkrautstecher, weed planing and fruit pickers.

    For the accommodation of gardening there are matching tall, narrow cabinets, similar to a closed rack; Also you can use strips, where the devices are simply suspended. Good accomodation, not standing in the rain, and care of equipment can significantly increase their service life. Since many garden tools are made of stainless steel, it should be cleaned after use and oiled for rust protection against prolonged non-use.